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Saturday, September 2, 2017

(super late) FOMO-A-Thon TBR!

Hey guys! Today's post is going to be my a list of the books I want to read for FOMO-a-thon happening this weekend, a last-minute readathon created by the lovely Chelsea. (FOMO is, if you didn't know, Fear Of Missing Out.) Also it started yesterday but here I am, posting my TBR today. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ In case you didn't know, BookNetFest is happening this weekend in Florida. Basically, BookNetFest is just this festival with a bunch of other book people which is just so freaking awesome??? Like there's booktubers, bookstagrammers, book bloggers, the gang's all there. And this readathon is for those who sadly cannot attend this year ☹. Anyway, let's get into my TBR.



After many people forcing this book down my throat to read it, I've finally picked this book up. I'm not very far into it at all, but holy crap so far it's AMAZING!


I heard about this book RIGHT after I made that list of my anticipated books for August. So that's annoying. BUT ANYWAY, I'm a few pages into this one as well and oh my GOSH it is so good so far! Also it's super diverse?? Which is pretty great. As far as I know, it doesn't really have much of a plot, but the main character Billie is just exploring her sexuality and gender. AND I'M TOTALLY UP FOR ANY BOOK LIKE THAT.


ICYMI, literally today I finished The Dream Thieves. And OH MY GOD IT'S THE. FREAKING. BEST. SO NOW I NEED TO READ THE REST OF THE SERIES ASAP. I hope it's still super good. (But tbh I don't think it's even possible for the other two to live up to The Dream Thieves.)


And that is all for now! Are you going to be at BookNetFest this year? If not, leave a comment saying some books you want to read for FOMO-a-thon, I'd love to know! I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did please make sure to like and share it. And don't forget to hit that follow button! Bye!!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Surprisingly Good Reading Month's Wrap Up // August 2017

Hey guys! Today's post will be my August wrap up. Also, I've decided that I won't be doing TBRs anymore because I've discovered that 1) I'm 100% a mood reader, and 2) even though I rarely make my TBRs very ambitious, they still stress me out. So, this will just be the books that I read in August, which is a surprisingly large amount. The last few months I've been in a really bad reading slump, so I was happy when I read way more books than I thought I would this month, at a total of eleven books! I find it kind of weird that I read so much in August because SO MUCH HAPPENED THIS MONTH. The nice thing, though, is that almost all of these books were five-star reads! That almost never happens to me, having most books in a wrap up being rated 5/5 stars. So yay! But anyway, let's get into all the books I've read lately.



RATING: 5/5 stars

Badass, queer, filled with dragons and just all-around amazing.

Full Goodreads review here!


RATING: 2/5 stars

Really wanted to like this but sadly I ended up doing the opposite.

Full Goodreads review here!



RATING: 1/5 stars

Oh my shit this book was completely and utterly one of the worst books I've ever read and I hate it so so so much don't read it please aagh.

Full Goodreads review here.


RATING: 5/5 stars

I absolutely ADORED this one so so SO much. It's been super popular and hyped up lately, but if you didn't know it follows our main character, Monty, going on a grand tour across Europe in the 1700s with his little sister, Felicity, and his best friend Percy who he's also secretly in love with. From there shenanigans ensue. This book is hilarious, romantic, and just all-around stunning.

Itty bitty Goodreads review here!



RATING: 5/5 stars

I positively L O V E D this book SO much. Filled with queerness, theatre, mystery and more, this book is fucking STUPENDOUS.

Full Goodreads review here!


RATING: 3/5 stars

This book was good, but not that good. Simply blah.

Full Goodreads review here.


RATING: 5/5 stars

Holy SHIT, I utterly loved Eliza and Her Monsters so fucking much it's not even funny. Oh my god.

Itty bitty Goodreads review here!


All in all I did think this book was definitely very good, but I went in with the expectations of giving it five stars. Though I still would recommend it. In case you don't know what this book is about, it's a loose retelling of Jane Eyre, but instead Jane is a serial killer.

Itty bitty Goodreads review here!


RATING: 5/5 stars

Oh my god this book is so freaking remarkable and everybody needs to read it.

Full Goodreads review here!


RATING: 2/5 stars

After what feels like forever, I finally picked up this book and I was sadly super disappointed by it.

Full Goodreads review here!


RATING: 5/5 stars

I was having a pretty shitty day so I decided to reread this for the ~5728094165th time. And, once again, it most definitely did not disappoint.

Smol Goodreads review here!


And that is all for now! If you've read any of these books I'd LOVE to hear some of your thoughts on them in the comments! I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did please make sure to like and share it. And don't forget to hit that follow button! Bye!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Hogwarts Book Tag! // Tag Tuesday

Hello everyone! Today's post is going to be yet another tag, specifically the Hogwarts Book Tag! I was tagged by the amazing Destiny to do this and I am STOKED to do this, so without further adieu let's get into the tag!


QUESTION ONE: are you a muggle-born, halfblood, or pureblood?

I'd say I'm a muggle-born because my mom knows approximately 0.001% things about HP, and all my dad's done is watch the movies with my my brother and me.

QUESTION TWO: which wand chose you?

The screenshot I took came out a little small, so if you can't read it reads: vine wood, 11" in length, has a core of unicorn hair, and the flexibility is described as "slightly yielding."

QUESTION THREE: did you take a cat, owl, rat, or toad with you?

Well, first of all, *pushes up glasses* you're technically only allowed to bring a cat, owl, or toad with you. But anyway, I'd definitely bring a cat, because I can just use one of the school owls if I need to, and who wants to have a rat or a toad?

QUESTION FOUR: where did the sorting hat put you?

And proud!

QUESTION FIVE: which house did you want to be in?

Hufflepuff, through and through! Everyone always says they're dumb and that it's the worst house, but I always thought they were the best house. Obviously, I was overjoyed to be sorted into Hufflepuff!

QUESTION SIX: which lessons are my favorite and least favorite?

Favorites: Charms (I just think it would be so much fun!), Herbology (not to be such a stereotypical Hufflepuff but...), Transfiguration (doesn't it seem so awesome to be able to turn something into another thing, or better yet turn yourself into an animal?!), Defense Against the Dark Arts (it's useful and just seems really fun), and Care of Magical Creatures (animals AND Hagrid in one class? How about YES).

My least favorites would probably be Divination (literally no point, plus Prof Trelawney is fucking annoying tbh), Potions (I just don't think I'd be very good at it, and also Snape is the WORST), and definitely Muggle Studies because I'd be bored to death. And I'm a muggle-born anyway.

QUESTION SEVEN: what form does your patronus take?

Aka, some type of horse.

QUESTION EIGHT: what would a boggart look like to you?

Probably spiders. I hate spiders.

QUESTION NINE: would you partake in any magical hobbies or school sports?

I wouldn't do any sports, that's for sure, but I'd totally cheer on my quidditch team team in the stands. As for hobbies, I think I'd just practice Transfiguration all the time because I WANT TO TURN INTO A CAT.

QUESTION TEN: where would you be in your free time?

Either hanging in the common room with my friends, because let's be honest here Hufflepuff has the best common room, or sleeping in my dorm. Or maybe in the kitchens. 😂

QUESTION ELEVEN: what would you most likely get detention for?

Probably either talking back to a teacher (every now and then you just can't hold it in ya know lol), or sneaking into the boys' dorm because they'd be my besties.

QUESTION TWELVE: what career would you have after hogwarts?

I can see myself being an Herbology teacher one day, tbh.


TAGS: I tag everyone who wants to do this!

And that is all for now! Let me know in the comments what your house is and if you want to do this tag (and if you have, please link it!). I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did please make sure to like and share it, and don't forget to hit that follow button! Bye!!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

My Favorite Debuts

Heylo! Today's post will be all about my favorite debuts that I've read in my life. These books are all absolutely wonderful, so let's get into the list!



I'm sure just about anyone who's read this book would also put it in a list of their favorite debuts. Not only is The Hate U Give one of my favorite debuts, it's also one of my favorite books in general. I'd be EXTREMELY surprised if you haven't picked up this book already, so if that's your case...READ IT! It's absolutely incredible. Believe the hype, y'all.


I'm guessing if you've taken a look at my blog for even a couple of minutes you would find out very quickly that I am OBSESSED with this book. Like I said earlier with The Hate U Give, A List of Cages is one of my favorite debuts but it is also for sure one of my favorite books in general! I love this book. A lot. (Side note: also a beautiful cover.)


Okay I cannot stop gushing about all these damn books in this post. BUT THEY'RE ALL SO FREAKING GOOD SO SNS ✌. But seriously I loved ALL of this book. I mean, it's gay, need I say more?


Much like A List of Cages, I talk (and gush) about Wonder all. The. Time. On my blog, and I'm sure most of you guys are aware of this. Definitely tied for my favorite middle grade ever with Harry Potter, and that's saying something. Plus, it's the only book I've read that's got a main character with a facial deformity in it! On that topic, I think we really ignore that when speaking about diversity in books. It's definitely very important!



One of my favorite types of books...QUEER MIDDLE GRADE! There's so little of it and there just NEEDS to be more. This one specifically is about a trans fifth grader named Melissa, and she really wants to be Charlotte in the Charlotte's Web play that the fifth graders are doing. But when she tries out for the part, the teacher says she can't play Charlotte because she's a "boy." I'm so unbelievably glad I read George, and y'all for sure should too!!


That's all for now! Let me know some of your favorite debuts that you've read in the comments below, and if you've read any of the books that I talked about in this post, make sure to leave your thoughts on them down in the comments as well! I think that pretty soon I'll do a Favorite Sequels post as a follow-up to this. I hope you enjoyed this post, and if so make sure to hit that follow button! Bye!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Books from Back in the Day // T5W

Hello everyone! Today's post is going to be yet another Top 5 Wednesday, a Goodreads group hosted by Samantha. This week's topic is "books you read before joining the online book community". This is going to be a fairly easy list for me, as I only joined GR in 2016, and I only joined the booktuber/blogger community this past March. Also, I'm not going to be including the obvious things like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. But anyway, let's get into the list!



And that is all for now! I know that I usually talk a little about each book for T5W, but this time I just didn't there was anything to talk about, you know? Like every time I'd be like "I read this back in third grade" or something like that, and I just think there's no point in that. But anyway, let me know in the comments some books that you read before you joined the online book community. I hope that you enjoyed this post make sure to like and share it, and don't forget to follow! Bye!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I'm a Guilty Reader // Tag Tuesday

Howdy! Today's post will be yet another tag, specifically, the Guilty Reader Tag! I know I JUST posted a tag but I've decided to start doing Tag Tuesdays to help me keep a consistent schedule and they also just seemed really fun. This was created by Chami from over at ReadLikeWildfire, and I would be surprised if you haven't checked out her channel yet, but if that's your case you TOTALLY SHOULD because she's the best. I have a feeling that I'm going to be really REALLY guilty, if we're being honest here...apologies in advance.


QUESTION ONE: have you ever re-gifted a book you've been given?

...Yes. In my defense, I had forgotten that I'd been gifted the book. But the person I gifted it to...did not. 😣 Oh god.

QUESTION TWO: have you ever lied about having read a book?

Yes, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. (Though I've read it by now.)

QUESTION THREE: have you ever borrowed a book and not returned it?

Well, in third grade, my teacher had a mini library in his room and he allowed us to borrow the books there. Obviously, as you can tell by this question, I never returned them. And I...I still have one of them.

QUESTION FOUR: have you ever read a series out of order?

THANKFULLY, no. (Finally, a question where I'm not guilty.) Though I do still wish they would put the number of the book in the series on the book just in case I were to ever read a series out of order.

QUESTION FIVE: have you ever spoiled a book for someone?

Sadly, yes. But in my defense, it was a COMPLETE accident. I mean, it was Harry Potter. At that time Order of the Phoenix had been out for ten years. (You guys know what I'm talking about...😭)

QUESTION SIX: have you ever doggy eared a book?

I only doggy ear books I don't care about (mostly required reading). But never anything else.

QUESTION SEVEN: have you ever told someone you don't own a book when you do?

No. I thought about this for a while, but I actually don't have any guilty pleasure reads.

QUESTION EIGHT: have you ever told someone you haven't read a book when you have?

Again, I haven't read any guilty pleasure books.

QUESTION NINE: have you ever skipped a chapter or a section of a book?

Like the doggy ear question, I only do this with either required reading questions or books I don't like but don't want to DNF.

QUESTION TEN: have you ever bad-mouthed a book you actually like?

Nope. I'm 100% honest about whether or not I like a book or series.


And that is all for now! Jeez, I had no idea I was so guilty. I always thought I was pretty innocent, but apparently not now that I've done this tag lol. I really hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did definitely make sure to like and share it, and don't forget to hit that follow button! I tag Maram and Ceilie. Bye!!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Book Titles as Pornos // Book Tag

Hey guys! Today's post is going to be another tag, specifically the "Book Titles as Pornos" tag. I wasn't tagged by anyone to do it, but the tag looked like SO much fun. This was originally created by the Restricted Section, but I got this idea from the latest Book Hangover liveshow with Julie, Chelsea and Ali. It was absolute GOLD when those three did the tag, so I was inspired to do it myself. Basically, you put a bunch of book titles on a scrap of paper in a jar and choose one at a time out of it. Then, you use that book title to create a name for a porno, and give a brief summary on what the porno would be about. I'm super eager to do this, so let's get into the tag!


BOOK ONE: furthermore by tahereh mafi

PORNO NAME: further in

Further In is just ya average porno where the whole plot is sex. There's really no plot, just a shit ton of sex.

BOOK TWO: how to make a wish by ashley herring blake

PORNO NAME: how to make a dick

How to Make a Dick follows a girl who is just about the most desperate thing ever. She's never had a boyfriend, and from what it seems at this point she never will. But then she has a brilliant idea and that is to create a robot boyfriend for herself.

BOOK THREE: under rose-tainted skies by louise gornall

PORNO NAME: under moan-tainted skies

Under Moan-Tainted Skies is a fantasy porn in which a girl has sex so often that Zeus comes down from the sky and grants her to become the god of sex.

BOOK FOUR: the dream thieves by maggie stiefvater

PORNO NAME: the wet dream thieves

The Wet Dream Thieves is about a guy who has wet dreams every single night for several weeks, so often in fact that the ghost who haunts his house gets jealous of all of them and begins to steal them.

BOOK FIVE: crooked kingdom by leigh bardugo

PORNO NAME: crooked dicktom

Crooked Dicktom follows a het couple that has sex so often that the man's dick literally goes crooked.

BOOK SIX: the sword of summer by rick riordan

PORNO NAME: the "sword" of summer

I...think you get it just from the title. XD

BOOK SEVEN: made you up by francesca zappia

PORNO NAME: made you cum

Made You Cum is about two couples who are friends with each other, but the night after the two couples have sex for the first time, they get into an argument about who made the guy come first.

BOOK EIGHT: feel me fall by james morris

PORNO NAME: feel me fall in you

Feel Me Fall in You is yet another average porno in which it's just regular ol' sex.


Well, that tag was a heck of a lot of fun, that's for sure 😂 Let me know some alternative porno book titles that you think of in the comments, I'd love to see some! I tag Elise to do this. Thanks for reading, and make sure to hit that follow button! Bye!!